Our Partner Charities

Our aim is to ensure that as much funds, including GiftAid, can be collected and forwarded to charities as simply and efficiently as possible.

To become a partner charity we simply ask that you complete a one-off ChV1 form and return it to us which enables us to obtain GiftAid on your behalf.

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The ChV1 is a form issued by HMRC and needs to be completed and returned in order for Love2Donate to collect GiftAid on your behalf. You can download A ChV1 Form here.

A charity must complete this form as authorisation that Love2Donate : In Memory can act as one of its Collection Agents. Charities can authorise as many Collection Agents as they wish.

Once we receive this form and your GiftAid reference number, we will then add you to our Partner Charities List and provide you with login details in order to access your Real Time Reports.


Any information you give us such as ChV1 forms will be held in confidence and only accessible by two people in our organisation.

Your Benefits in becoming a Partner Charity:

  • Addition of GiftAid
  • Access to Real Time Reporting
  • Next of Kin Details
  • Donor details (if they have confirmed acceptance of their emailing address to being passed on to the charity)
  • More people will opt for your charity as our preferred charity list has visibility by our Funeral Directors

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Our Existing Partner Charities

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