Tributes and Donations

The complete free Tribute and Donation service


Saving you time and money

We create online Tribute and Donation pages for your clients and deliver this service on your behalf, discreetly working in the background.

Your clients, their friends and loved ones feel as though it is their Funeral Director that is delivering this service, as the Tribute and Donation page and all correspondence are created in your branding and with your Funeral Arranger's signatures.

What distinguishes us from other online donation portals is that our service is discreet, only promotes you, the Funeral Director, free of charge.

The service we provide is personal to each Funeral Director. Having such excellent relationships with our clients means that we can take on board your feedback and tailor our service to best serve your business.

We have built up excellent relationships with charities, both large and small.

For many, we are able to claim Gift Aid on their behalf and we forward this onto the charity at the same time as the donations - usually one week after the campaign has been closed by the Funeral Director.

We have well over 1000 partner charities for whom we are able to claim Gift Aid.

If the next of kin request donations that are not directed towards a registered charity i.e. a bench or tree in memory of their loved one, we are happy to accommodate their request.

Free of Charge


Tribute and Donation pages are created by us in your livery

Welcome emails may be sent to the next of kin in your livery

Donation confirmation emails may be sent in your livery

Family letters detailing donations ready for Funeral Director's authorisation

All online tributes forwarded to the family as a keep sake, free of charge

Letters sent to the charity detailing funds transferred including Gift Aid