Replicating Your Website

When a logo just isn't good enough


A Top Marketing Tool

Some online donation companies will just add your logo to their branded webpage and then have the nerve to charge you for it.
We dont.

We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that our Funeral Directors' websites are replicated to their exacting standards.

You will not see our logo or livery displayed anywhere on your website and during the donation process. Viewers wishing to donate to a friend or their loved one will only see your website.

'Thank You' emails to donors will display your logos and will be signed off by the Funeral Arranger's name (if you so wish).

One of our Clients, Austin's Funeral Directors had been using our service for just over 12 months and in that time generated over £100,000.00 in online donations.

Think of the number of visitors to their website required to generate that level of donations and then consider that not every visitor will have left a donation.

With repeated viewing, it will be your Funeral Director's name and your branding that will be seen and remembered time and time again.