Online Reporting

Easy access to your data


Secure access to your data

Whether you're a Funeral Director with multiple branches or a Charity receiving donations, you want to have access to a detailed breakdown of your data that adheres to GDPR regulations.

We provide you with a userid and password to access your own secure area providing information in chart, tables and Excel formats

Funeral Directors

With your day to day business in hand, it's easy to lose track of the tribute pages you've created, especially if you have multiple branches making requests.

We provide you with easy to look at graphs, showing your branches, the number of tribute pages created for them and the number of donations received.

There's a breakdown of donations to the different charities and beneficiaries, so you can see at a glance where the funds are being distributed. This can provide a very strong and positive marketing tool publicising the amount that YOUR website has raised for local and national charities.

All donation information can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet for your own analysis and reporting.


Knowing how much you have received in donations and the value of funds currently being collected for your charity is important for your accounting.

We provide a table showing "Open" and "Closed" campaigns, a breakdown of donations, Gift Aid, and charges along with the date that campaigns were closed.

Once a campaign has been closed by the Funeral Director, you will be able to access the Family (next of kin) information in order to acknowledge the donations received as well as having the email addresses of donors who have provided consent.

As with the Funeral Directors, all available information can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.


General Data Protection Regulation

As a provider of information, we take GDPR very seriously. We can't afford not to.

When you access your online reporting area you agree, by logging in, that the information you are provided with is for your own analysis and when contact details are provided, then you may only use that information for donation acknowledgement purposes only. We have not obtained consent for any marketing, sales or other contact purposes.