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Showing our costs - up front

No setup charges
No monthly charges
No branch charges
No tribute page charges
No monthly fee for charities

There are costs involved - that's inevitable
We try to make these costs, low and easy to understand

We apply a 5% administration charge on each online donation made once any Gift Aid has been applied. We also add on the transaction costs involved in processing the payment.

Current transactions costs are:

Visa Debit£0.20
Visa Credit1.26%
Visa Electron £0.40
MasterCard Debit £0.17
MasterCard Credit £1.29
Paypal2.4% + £0.20

As an example - if a donor were to make a £10.00 donation using a Visa Debit card to a charity, eligible for Gift Aid then our charges would be:

Donation Amount£10.00
Gift Aid (added)£2.50
Admin Charge of 5% (taken)£0.62
Transaction Charge (taken)£0.20
Total Forwarded To Charity £11.68

If we are unable to claim Gift Aid, then charges would still be applied and your donation amount would be slightly reduced:

Donation Amount£10.00
Gift Aid (not applicable)£0.00
Admin Charge of 5% (taken)£0.50
Transaction Charge (taken)£0.20
Total Forwarded To Charity £9.30

In order to qualify for Gift Aid, the donation must be made by an individual, UK taxpayer, who has paid at least as much income tax or capital gains tax in that tax year as the Gift Aid to be claimed, as well as having selected YES to the question "Gift Aid This Donation ?". In addition, the charity must be registered with the Charity Commission For England and Wales and approved LoveDonate to claim Gift Aid on their behalf.