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Love2Donate: In Memory is the only online Tribute and Donation
service that exclusively promotes your business - free of charge


How we started

Love2Donate wasn't a business venture dreamt up overnight, it was created after a family member was gravely ill. The passion and drive we felt then is still deeply embedded in our work ethics of today and we hope that is reflected in the service we provide.


Services we provide

As time has passed and our products have evolved and developed, we find ourselves offering additional services to our Tribute and Donation facility. These extra services are suggested and driven by our Funeral Directors' needs and so we thank you !


Who we are

We do like to meet as many of the people we work with as possible as we find it's a real benefit being able to talk directly to Funeral Directors, Arrangers and Charities alike. Not all of our staff are able to get out on visits, so here's your chance to put a "Face to a Name"


How we started

Love2Donate came into being back in 2010 after Ernie, a grandchild of one of the directors, was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma (an aggressive form of cancer) that affects the eyes.

Ernie endured two heavy courses of chemotherapy, over 100 hospital trips, an operation every 3 weeks and although his vision has been severely affected he is currently in remission.

Throughout his ordeal, the support and comfort provided by medical staff and the cancer support groups was amazing and they helped Ernie's family through some very dark and emotional times.

As family birthdays occurred, Mother's day, Father's day etc., it was decided that instead of giving and receiving presents, we would rather donate to help those support groups assist other families going through similar nightmares.

Hence, the Love2Donate idea was born - giving the gift of a present which will also help a worthwhile cause.


Working with Funeral Directors

The notion of donating, online, in a safe and secure way had an obvious fit with the funeral industry and it wasn't long before we were approached and asked if we could provide a solution to assist in the funeral donation handling process.

Over the years we have listened to, and developed our products and services, with some well known names in the funeral business resulting in the products we offer today.

An online, Tribute and Donation service, honed specifically for the funeral industry with valuable input from the funeral industry - available to your business - free of charge.


Services we provide

We listen to our clients. They ask for additional services and where we can accommodate - we will. Below are a few of the additional services we now provide based on feedback that we receive

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