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In Memory of
Bernie Coyne

14th January 1940 - 7th September 2021

81 years of age.

Bernie was born in 1940 in a remote but beautiful area in the west of Ireland. He was one of seven and raised on a farm that kept pigs, cattle and everything else the family needed to survive. Growing up the kids helped out on the farm which was hard work and for fun, they fished and played a bit of football - more so the fishing so they could eat! They could occasionally get a day’s work from a farmer (and this would be a 12 - 14 hour day!) and earn a couple of shillings which would be enough to go to a dance. Bernie left school at 14 along with the majority of his siblings, to work on the farm. Transport links were very scarce due to the war and families in the area had to stick together and be very self-sufficient - and these are traits that he carried throughout his life. Electricity didn’t arrive in the area until 1957! And Bernie was part of the crew that installed it. Although life was simple, his work ethic, closeness to his family and love of the natural world, especially plants and animals, came from his upbringing.

Bernie left Ireland in 1958, aged 18 to start a new life as a bricklayer in York. He made many friends and enjoyed a very happy 44 years of marriage to his beloved Liz - he was adored by his two children and six grandchildren who he always kept a watchful eye on. Bernie never sat still and was always either giving people lifts, gardening, building or fixing something for someone. He was a very kind and generous man. Especially generous with his time. He said few words (and sometimes the family had to translate!), but he showed his love by helping his family and friends in any way he could - usually through hard graft. If you ever mentioned a job that needed doing and he was in earshot, he’d more than likely show up a day or two later with his tools - ready to start the job!

He led life through his actions rather than his words. He was a gentle man, and a gentleman. He was very stoic and never once complained, even as his condition worsened. He continued to help and support his family right up until his body stopped letting him - and this is a true testament to his character.

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Adrian Hunt £50.00
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Martin Rowley £212.10

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