Tributes & Donations

Our online obituaries enable you to share tributes, pictures, and memories of your loved one. They also allow others to add their condolences to the page and to grow a virtual tree in their memory.

You can also use this service to request friends and family to make in memoriam donations to a charity of your choice.

Leave a Tribute and Donation

Gallagher Family Funeral Directors, along with their partner Love2Donate : In Memory, would like to offer you the opportunity of leaving a donation to a charity about which your friend or loved one had felt passionate.

You will also be able to leave your own tribute expressing your feelings, giving comfort and support to all those affected by your loss.

Please enter the name of the person you are looking for:


Love2Donate adds Gift Aid to your donation (where a charity has authorised us to do so) and charges an administration fee of 5%. The net effect is a greatly increased donation to the charity. Our administration fee is comparable to other charity donation giving sites. Please click here to see how your final donation amount is increased.