A Breakdown Of Our Costs

When you make a donation in memory of your friend or loved one, you can be assured that your donation, along with Gift Aid (if applicable), will be forwarded to your chosen charity in a secure and timely manner.

At Love2Donate we are committed to the highest quality service with the utmost honesty and transparency.

In order to run our business efficiently and effectively, we need to make a small profit. For every transaction we handle, we take a 5% contribution (this is on a par with other charity related businesses).

How Your Donation Flourishes : Step by Step

  • You donate £40.00 via Love2Donate
  • We apply for Gift Aid on your behalf (currently 25%). This "Boosts" your donation to £50.00
  • We deduct a small amount to cover transactional costs which are outside of our control

    Visa Debit £0.20p
    Visa Credit 1.26%
    Visa Electron £0.40p
    MasterCard Debit £0.17p
    MasterCard Credit 1.29%
    Maestro £0.16p
    PayPal: 2.4% + £0.20p
  • We deduct a transaction fee of 5%
  • If paying by Visa debit card, your £40.00 donation grows into a £47.30 donation for the chosen charity

This 5% contribution goes towards the staffing, I.T. costs and general administration costs of Love2Donate. 10% of any profits made by Love2Donate will be given to its chosen charity which is currently, The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

All donation funds are very carefully audited and HMRC have very exacting standards of reporting transactions. They also reserve the right to audit Love2Donate at any time.

March 2019

If you are a UK tax payer Love2Donate will boost your gift
by claiming tax back from the Government on your behalf. That special person may receive around 25% extra, at no cost to yourself.